Orthotics by foot levers

Your body is a functional system connected together with specialized parts. The foundation that supports the weight of the entire body is your feet. Feet moves us, shock absorb stress, adapt to different terrains, and provide balance. Your feet gives stability to perform everyday activities for your lifestyle.

Each foot contains 3 arches. Most orthotics support only one arch. When only one arch is being supported the problem shifts to another part of your body.

Foot Levelers' Stabilizing Orthotics support all three arches of your foot, which are interconnected to form the plantar vault.

Improving the foundation of your body will bring long-term alignment to your knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. You can have long-term corrective changes from Stabilizing Orthotics as they support you through all phases of the gait. Chiropractic care and individually designed Stabilizing Ortotics help keep you life in balance.